Unmasking Onyx Kelly’s Lavish Journey – 2024

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Onyx Kelly, the offspring of the dynamic duo, American rapper Playboi Carti and Australian sensation Iggy Azalea, emerged into the limelight on April 28, 2020. This article embarks on an exploration of Onyx’s life, from the circumstances of his birth to the lavish lifestyle shaped by his famous parents.

Onyx’s Residence: A Glimpse into Hidden Hills:

Nestled in the lap of California’s Hidden Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, Onyx Kelly’s world revolves around the sprawling landscape of celebrity life. Despite his parents’ separation, Onyx primarily resides with his mother, Iggy Azalea, creating a unique and nurturing environment.

Iggy Azalea’s Musical Odyssey and Onyx’s Roots:

Iggy Azalea’s journey from Australia to the United States at the age of 16 laid the foundation for Onyx’s existence. Fueling her passion for music, Iggy’s popularity soared with videos like ‘Pussy’ and ‘Two Times’ on YouTube, setting the stage for Onyx’s entrance into a world of rhythm and beats.

Parental Dynamics: Onyx’s Journey into the Spotlight:

Born in June 2020, Onyx became a symbol of the intricate relationship between his parents. Iggy Azalea, in a statement, revealed the challenges of raising Onyx alone, highlighting Playboi Carti’s absence during the birth and the subsequent refusal to sign their son’s birth certificate.

Onyx’s Zodiac Tale: Taurus’ Charm:

Born under the Taurus zodiac sign, Onyx Kelly exudes the steadfast and determined characteristics associated with this astrological sign. A testament to the strength embedded in his celestial identity.

Onyx’s Hollywood Haven: Life in Hidden Hills

Nestled within the opulent realm of Hidden Hills, Onyx Kelly’s daily life unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Santa Monica, Los Angeles County. Despite the intricacies of his parents’ relationship, Onyx thrives in a world where celebrity residences are as iconic as the stars themselves.

onyx kelly

Iggy Azalea: The Matriarch of Onyx’s Melodies

Iggy Azalea’s musical prowess becomes a melodic influence in Onyx’s life. From her international move at 16 to the viral success of ‘Pussy’ and ‘Two Times,’ Iggy’s journey shapes the rhythm of Onyx’s early years, creating a sonically rich environment.

Parental Dynamics: Navigating Onyx’s Journey

Onyx Kelly, born in June 2020, becomes a symbolic figure in the tale of parental dynamics. Iggy Azalea’s candid revelations about single parenthood and Playboi Carti’s absence during pivotal moments reflect the complexities of raising a celebrity child.

FAQs Unveiled: Onyx Kelly’s Story Deconstructed

Answering the pressing questions about Onyx’s identity, age, parents, height, and net worth provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the celebrity child’s life. Unveiling the details behind the fame, this section adds depth to Onyx’s narrative.

Taurus Tot: Onyx’s Zodiac Sign Unveiled

Onyx Kelly’s celestial identity aligns with the Taurus zodiac sign, bringing forth qualities of determination and steadfastness. As Onyx’s personality blossoms, the Taurus charm adds an astrological layer to his unfolding journey.

Wealthy Roots: Onyx’s Inheritance of Luxury

Onyx Kelly, blessed with parents whose net worths surpass millions, enjoys a lifestyle steeped in luxury. Iggy Azalea’s $2 million net worth and Playboi Carti’s $5 million fortune create a financial foundation, ensuring that Onyx’s journey is adorned with opulence from the very start.

FAQs: Unraveling Onyx’s Story:

  • Who is Onyx Kelly? Onyx Kelly is the son of American rapper Playboi Carti and Australian singer Iggy Azalea.
  • Onyx Kelly Age? As of 2023, Onyx Kelly is 3 years old.
  • Onyx Kelly Parents? His parents are Playboi Carti (Jordan Terrell Carter) and Iggy Azalea (Amethyst Amelia).
  • Onyx Kelly Height? While specific details about Onyx’s height aren’t widely disclosed, his stature is, undoubtedly, growing with each passing day.
  • Onyx Kelly Net Worth? Onyx enjoys the fruits of his parents’ success, with Iggy Azalea boasting a net worth of over $2 million, and Playboi Carti with a net worth exceeding $5 million.
  • Onyx Kelly Father? Playboi Carti, born Jordan Terrell Carter, is Onyx Kelly’s father.
  • Iggy Azalea’s Son Onyx? Yes, Onyx Kelly is the son of Iggy Azalea, making him a celebrity child from the United States.


Onyx Kelly, at the tender age of 3, symbolizes the intricate tapestry of celebrity life, from parental dynamics to the perks of a lavish lifestyle. As he continues to grow under the spotlight, the world watches with bated breath, witnessing the unfolding chapters of Onyx’s unique journey.

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